Improve Your Bottom Line with Integrated POS and Surveillance Systems

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Security is often considered a mission-critical aspect of retail and other related industries—the reality is that an up-to-date surveillance system can help small businesses reduce downtime and prevent disruption of service with a seamlessly integrated solution that ties directly into POS data for a complete system on every level.

The revolution in video surveillance from analog to IP-based systems can provide a number of different opportunities for Point-of-Sale Value-Added Resellers to offer new solutions to current customers, as well as introduce their product line to an array of potential customers. Warehouse applications, retail, and logistics are just a few of the markets where video surveillance integrated with existing and upgraded POS systems can not only better your customers’ business, but also improve your bottom line.

Advanced video systems can be applied beyond the standard surveillance cameras, from scanning completed items and components in manufacturing as a quality control measure, to scanning and recording inventory in real-time for accurate and efficient online shopping. Video can also help management determine chain of custody of given assets during a particular time frames, and access camera data linked to any number of sales and operations. Reducing shrinkage is a particular benefit to incorporating video surveillance into POS systems, providing a successful method of preventing shoplifting and internal theft, reducing overall losses.

Surveillance is frequently underutilized, however, especially by small retail businesses who may still be operating on outdated analog equipment. Digital systems on IP networks are providing faster, more efficient security solutions than ever, with high-definition mega-pixel cameras allowing users to see tiny details of transactions and close-up views of customers and employees. Retails can streamline their overall surveillance network with these new technologies, allowing access to specific, time-stamped images and data, and branching all peripherals from the same central system for quick setup and easy implementation.

BlueStar is prepared to help POS VARs incorporate video surveillance and break into this crucial new market segment. We offer training programs backed with both POS and security expertise to train your team on the critical information they need to execute solutions. Our exclusive Security bundles are in place and ready to ship through our In-a-Box program, and our in-house Solutions Center certified hardware/software technicians can help engineer custom solutions and even facilitate large rollouts.

Contact one of BlueStar ’s North American Security specialists, with an average of more than 20 years of experience in the industry, to learn more on how you can integrate video surveillance into your POS solutions to grow your customers’ business. Let us help you grow your business with security solutions and support, only from BlueStar Security Solutions.

How are your POS customers integrating security solutions into their product mixes?

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