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Trimble Handheld Computer Line Adds UHF RFID Functionality

by James Korte

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Trimble MCS is known worldwide for its handheld computers that provide all the functionality a field worker needs with ruggedness to last for years in harsh environments.

Now, Trimble has introduced the latest cutting-edge technology in its Juno T41 handheld computer line: Ultra-High Frequency RFID. Providing rapid-read, high-accuracy performance on multiple tags with multiple orientations, even in crowded conditions, the Juno T41 RFID models are an outstanding solution for industries that need readers capable of leaving the warehouse.

The Juno T41 line of products has expanded from a basic but powerful little handheld computer with a 3G smartphone option, to add Enhanced GPS (1-2 meter capable over its standard 2-4 meter); 1D/2D Barcode Imager; and now UHF RFID. All of the features are integrated into the handheld so there’s no compromise on ruggedness in the field. They can take drops, water, dust, humidity, heat, even corrosive chemical environments and keep working.

All Juno T41s are available in either Android or Windows operating systems, and feature an 800 MHz to 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and up to 32 GB of storage built in. the 4.3” display screen is a capacitive touchscreen behind tough Gorilla Glass. It has a custom connector port that provides easy connectivity to a USB device, a 9-pin Serial device or a battery charger.

Business is not limited inside the four walls for many industries. Workers are checking on equipment, doing service calls, collecting information in the field for a variety of business reasons. They need equipment able to handle whatever is thrown at them and be as functional as today’s workers expect of their computer equipment. Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions is the supplier stepping up to do that.

To learn more about the Juno T41 line of products, please visit our microsite!

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