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Digital Signage and Social Media Blend for Better Business Communications

by James Korte

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Digital Signage in Public SpacesThe communication and information technology revolution is well under way and shows no sign of slowing down. An explosion of devices including PCs, displays, smartphones, tablets, and digital signage have converged to create a hybrid medium for businesses to convey their messages, and social media adds a dynamic dimension that will continue to drive this technology forward.

Integrating social media into digital signage solutions brings enterprise communications to a new level of interactivity that current consumers are quickly adopting, and future consumers will come to expect. Users can respond to and create their own customized content that best fits their needs, and businesses can encourage mutual communication for instant real-time feedback on products, events and initiatives. Business communication is no longer about sending out a message and waiting for the response—it’s about developing a conversation that is constantly growing and changing, and helping your customers evolve accordingly.

Digital Signage In Public AreasApplications for social media and digital signage are apparent across multiple vertical markets for all kinds of consumers. Retail is leveraging this technology in storefronts and shopping areas to drive traffic, promote specials, and gain unique consumer recommendations and insights. Now more than ever digital signage is an increasingly interactive retail component, designed to bring customers into physical stores instead of online for a more immersive buying experience.

Food service and hospitality are taking digital signage social media integration mobile, to keep customers like food truck patrons and festival goers entertained and informed of menu updates and event information. Small businesses to multinational corporations are using digital signage with real-time updates to crowdsource industry insight, provide up-to-the-minute product and training information, and saving money and resources communicating across buildings, timezones, and even continents.

Digital Signage in Public AreasAs your customers consider the benefits of a digital signage system enhanced with social media interactivity, BlueStar ’s exclusive bundles can help Value-Added Resellers customize your solutions to fit your customers’ individual business needs. From interactive kiosks to video walls to HD commercial displays, BlueStar’s Digital Signage specialists can help you integrate these solutions into your product line to see real growth across markets. Hardware and installation packages along with signage design and content creation are just a few of the digital signage solutions from BlueStar that can be incorporated into any enterprise for the advanced interactive communications and complete social integration consumers are asking for.

How have you seen social media interactivity shaping technology in the public sphere?

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