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Out With a Bang – From ISV to TSC

by Samantha Kalany

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Just like that, we’ll all need to accommodate to writing two-thousand instead of two-thousand and nineteen at the top of our reports. A whole new decade, we’re leaving behind a bunch, but surely embracing a brand new realm of opportunity to jump into. For BlueStar, gone are the days of labeling software brands as ISVs and we are pushing towards the days of Technology Software Companies (TSCs). So, our ISV Connect program has taken on the name TEConnect!

Why? Well, we found the need to address a larger audience than just what the Channel calls an ISV. In fact many of the software and developer companies that we are working with outside of our channel simply do not know the acronym “ISV”. They don’t consider themselves as “Independent Software Vendors”, they see themselves as Technology Software Companies, or even Technology Solutions Companies. Thus, with the advancement to TEConnect we can now embrace and speak more directly to all companies under the developer and technology solution umbrella.

What is TEConnect? TEConnect, formerly known as ISV Connect, is the Channel’s #1 Technology Company Incubator & Accelerator. The TEConnect program aims to benefit users looking to take advantage of the Channel’s resources. With over 2,300 members in our TEConnect program today, you could be one amongst many software developers engaged to drive new business through the Channel. Program benefits include education events, vendor partnering, end-user demand programs and business development.

The TEConnect Program will offer expanded offerings as well, including but not limited to financial assistance from our partners at CCA Financial.

The monthly ISV Connect Newsletter that you know and love will also take on a new name, the TEConnect Newsletter. Several other of our events will receive a rebrand upgrade as well, that you’ll have to stay tuned for as they are announced. TSCNot to mention the new TEConnect Podcast, sure to be a must on your playlist. Here’s to new beginnings and we can’t wait to work with you all as the year progresses forward.

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