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Social Media Marketing: Avoiding Common Mistakes

by Samantha Kalany
Social Media Marketing

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Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing isn’t an instant fix to all of your marketing necessities. There has to be a greater plan behind all of it. Several individuals feel as though if the content is uploaded to a social platform, the data will be tracked and the leads will be converted, which isn’t always the case, and is rare if sales take place like that. Before posting, one should rally their team to check-in before any individual posts or full-length campaigns and realign on main goals, with these three questions:

  1. Would your target audience have any interest in this content? 
  2. Is this content useful to the customer? 
  3. Why should they care? 

Your audience isn’t dumb. If your content isn’t well-thought out enough, they will be able to see right through you, and you wouldn’t want to ruin that vital sense of trust within your customer-base. It can be far more harmful than you think. Content is Everything. Social Media MarketingThat being said, it’s best to master your storytelling abilities. Craft out something that gets the people stirring up discussion or spark some sense of emotion in your readers. Nobody wants another bland and robotic-seeming with boring facts. Spruce it up. 

You could turn quotes from your blog posts into interesting graphics to be shared on social media platforms, or perhaps pull some riveting statistics from a recent case study to highlight and even spark a debate on either Facebook or Twitter. The opportunities are endless, but rethinking the captions would be a good tip to think about.

Be Confident, but Don’t Over-Promote

If you’re constantly pounding at the door trying to sell to your target audience on social media, then it’s fair to say that your approach is getting old, quickly. This angle can come off as selfish, not trustworthy, even if they would normally be inquiring about your service.  Social Media MarketingThe best thing to do to avoid this would be to start formulating a better relationship by sharing that rich content. Set yourself up as a brand who seeks to make a difference, so that you can better build a trustworthy interaction with those reading and engaging with your content.

When it comes to product promotion, make sure you possess a healthy balance between educational content and the like. Essentially for every 1 take at promoting products and services, there should be 4 pieces of lighthearted and entertaining pieces of content. It becomes less textbook and technical that way.

Don’t Stray Far from Consistency

Preserving your brand on social media is key; it’s who you are. You wouldn’t want to cut away from your message. A company’s branding characteristics and language are strong and shouldn’t be compromised just for a tweet. If it doesn’t sound like something a Marketing Professional would say, maybe it doesn’t belong in a tweet. Everything from tone, fonts, color palettes, and even logos have much to do with keeping consistent to the overall brand.

Once you know the answers to the three questions listed above, and you can follow the the three tips for avoiding mistakes, you’ll be steps ahead of where you were. If you as a company are already achieving this social media marketing feat, perhaps it can something you communicate to your customers. Help them help you.

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