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Grow Your Business by Expanding Your ADC Offerings

by James Korte

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Since ADC is such a diverse field, system integrators who specialize in one or two of the technologies associated with ADC could migrate, in most cases, to other ADC technologies without extensive effort.

Primarily, automated data collection/capture (ADC) is the capture or collection of data through automated means, without the need for human intervention. ADC can also be considered the collection of data when human intervention is required. Embracing multiple ADC technologies is a good way for any system integrator to expand their technology portfolio offerings and grow their business.

If you traditionally offer barcoding, warehouse management systems, inventory solutions, RFID, handheld computing, or WIFI networking you may be in a great position to extend your solution offerings. IP camera surveillance systems, access control and digital signage could be natural add-on offerings for your existing customers.

If you offer Point of Sale systems, easily add value by offering integrated IP camera systems to monitor transactions, providing streaming video for enhanced management potential and real-time notification and response, should employees or customers be placed in harms way.

Though some security solutions offerings are not new to ADC offerings, perhaps some are not considered as often as they should. Access control and RFID systems today can automatically identify whether people or equipment are authorized to enter or leave certain areas.  Perhaps adding IP camera surveillance and intrusion detection should be considered an additional arm for ADC solution offerings.

Where are you considering adding ADC solutions to your product line?

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