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Recruiting Millennials into your Workplace

by Samantha Kalany

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Whether you’re looking to add talent to your team or are in need of updating your recruitment skills, there are a few tips you can add to your dashboard. Generation X is rarely interviewing for positions anymore, and we’re into the world run by Millennials. If you’ve not hired Millennials into your workplace, just yet, you’ll soon realize that you’ll need to revamp your recruitment strategies before the end of the day, because things just got a bit more complicated. 

Millennials All Around

With the influx of college graduates strutting into the job market, both in December and May, there is plenty of opportunity to be had. If you’re willing to outsource to the younger generation, you’ll find they have less experience that many others, but it’s important to remain flexible throughout the process. Millennials

When it comes to Millennials, they might not check off all of the qualifications that you require, but please remember to keep an open mind. You could serve as a platform for jet-packing them towards their goals. Such transferrable skills such as: strong communication capabilities, loyalty, adaptability, and leadership skills can be some qualities to look for in a good candidate. 

What Millennials Want

When it comes to recruiting this class of candidates, they want a company that speaks their language. MillennialsThe times of automated paperwork and secluded cubicles are long over. Millennials are elated about interactive workspaces and dedicated/enthusiastic co-workers. You’ll want to give them the opportunity to learn. These candidates are constantly growing and it’s vital to formulate some interactive training modules, post-hire. 

Millennials, or Generation Y, are known for desiring a socially responsible workplace as well. They are more concerned with working in a competitive and sustainable enterprise than one that’s just good for signing a paycheck. The era of sustainability and eco-awareness is among us, especially within the mindset of younger employees. 

Keeping in Touch & Up to Date 

The Millennial generation grew up with social media at their fingertips. From MySpace to FaceBook and now to Instagram and Snapchat, they are active on their social media platforms all day long. They are always up to date with the ever-evolving trends as they come.

Social media job ads may be the best way to reach your targets’ eyes. Mobile friendly job postings utilize the power of social media, and this medium is at its most powerful, thus far. When the ball is in your court, it’s advisable to promote your brand on social media, placing those vacancy announcements as much as you, whenever you can. 

When it comes to social media recruiting, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the most effective for attracting and engaging with top candidates. 

  1. Establish your Brand’s Voice – Make sure it’s genuine, but friendly and approachable. At the same time, you’ll want to be unique and stand out from your competition. You’ll need to stay consistent on all fronts, so you can be the perfect match your ideal candidate. 
  2. Content is Key – Social media makes for a great platform when it comes to storytelling. Be sure to share photos of employees, office & workspace, educational recruitment events, case studies & projects, awards, and even accolades. 
  3. Be Responsive – Make sure you play the part, your part. Be sure to answer questions, personalizing those answers where you can.Millennials

Nobody can predict the future of the job market and employees leave on their own conditions all the time. When it comes to bringing in new talent, stick to these tips and you’re sure to ace the game with Millennials in mind. 

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