[eBook] How to Leverage Real-Time Data to Improve Patient Care

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When it comes to improving patient care and reducing costs, healthcare organizations increasingly rely on data analysis to identify disease trends, spot operational bottlenecks, and improve work processes.

Analytics relies on large volumes of reliable, accurate data. In the healthcare space, some of this data comes from clinical systems, but there are still large gaps when it comes to getting a
full picture of the patient experience. To achieve real-time analytics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations must have the ability to collect and analyze information from across all systems. This includes inventory management, patient management, supply chain operations, and asset management.

Technology plays a key role in providing a streamlined system for documenting and accessing this healthcare information from a centralized location. As such, value added resellers (VARs) should direct resources at engaging with healthcare organizations about their need for accurate data, and leveraging their technologies to create new solutions to help the healthcare industry improve the quality of their data.


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