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Motorola Modular Smartphones

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Choosing the options that best fit our needs. This is a trend that is spanning not just our channel, but all of technology including that which ends up in the hands of end users. Twitter and RSS readers allow us to tailor our information feed to include exactly what we want and exclude everything else. Car manufacturers such as Nissan are conceptualizing approaches to manufacturing that would share up to 80% of it’s components between new vehicles.

Motorola Modular SmartphonesOn October 29, 2013, Gizmodo reported that mobility manufacturer Motorola is developing a new open hardware initiative called Project Ara. Project Ara aims to offer consumers highly modular smartphones. As an example, a user could choose a larger battery pack in place of a high-end camera module. Technological requirements differ greatly from user-to-user and Project Ara aims to give people exactly what they need. In order for this modular approach to assembling smartphones to work well, hardware and software companies will need to become partners to some extent. Mapping of compatible components will be necessary and there would likely need to be some sort of official environment of approved third party components.

This will create tremendous opportunity for third party hardware and software companies interesting in entering the space to compete and work together with more established players in mobility.

BlueStar recognized some number of years ago that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to technology wouldn’t cut it. In response, BlueStar has been a pioneer in modular IT solutions with the In-a-Box Series offering. Simply put, In-a-Box Series Solutions partner hardware and software companies together in a way that meets the needs of niche industries. BlueStar helps to navigate the area between your technology use cases and the hardware and software components that are best suited for your particular needs, environment and budget.

BlueStar has an extensive offering of pre-configured bundles ideal for: Law Enforcement and Military, Restaurant Management and Staff, Warehousing and Inventory and many more. Contact us to talk about how our consultative marketing and custom configuration departments can tailor a solution to your requirements.

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