Getting Started with Digital Signage Menu Boards

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The restaurant industry is tough to break into; nearly half of all restaurants open will fail in the first year, and these businesses are looking for advanced, cost-effective ways to set their establishments apart from the fierce competition. Quick service, fast casual and cafeteria style restaurants, along with coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream shops and other niche food service providers can realize extensive savings, increased revenues, more flexibility and improved ambiance with a Digital Menu Board solution.

Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) are an application for digital signage displays in restaurant and hospitality businesses that present menu and other promotional information from a central location or permissioned input from an outside hub. Using DMBs instead of standard menu displays can greatly reduce the cost associated with rotating traditional menu information and can strengthen branding efforts at a single restaurant location or across the entire enterprise. DMB content can be customized to each individual restaurant location, such as product offerings and pricing, and even illustrate location-specific information about employment opportunities, sponsorships, and local fundraising opportunities.

Along with helping food service businesses meet changing regulations regarding the display of nutritional information, DMBs can also help give a modern feel to the restaurant, creating a sense of “destination” for patrons. Just like any other technology solution, however, DMBs and other digital signage solutions should be future-proofed to maintain value as the medium continues to evolve as it has over the last several years.

When investing in a digital signage solution, restaurateurs and other business owners should plan ahead to anticipate their future digital signage needs along with their current goals. Defining likely future usage and implementation of the digital signage system ensures the right initial investment, and the right investment can help restaurants phase in new elements, resulting in future cost savings and easier scalability. From moving the display beyond the menu board to tableside applications to integrating DMBs with cell phones, mobile devices, and even social media, there are a number of exciting new developments in the digital signage arena that restaurant owners should take into consideration for future use.

BlueStar has the digital signage menu board solutions your restaurant and hospitality customers need–both now and in the future. From individual displays of all sizes and shapes to complete bundled solutions with digital signage, POS components, hardware and software, our team of Digital Signage Solutions specialists can help you find the right technology and help your customers prepare for the future at a price that fits their budgets right now. Contact a BlueStar representative to learn more today!

How do you see Digital Menu Boards changing the face of food service in the near future?

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