Vendor Profile: BEC Technologies

Vendor Profile

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A leading developer and manufacturer of next generation wired and wireless IP network solutions for mobile operators, residential, enterprise, and industrial markets.

BEC TechnologiesBEC works to provide solutions with high availability, functional reliability, secure connectivity, and top-of-class technical support lines. BEC Technologies provides customers with broadband networking solutions to IOCs, IOUs, CLECs, ISPs, and municipalities across the country. They continue to exceed customer expectations and offer exceptional customer service capabilities.

Wireless: UE Management, Remote Monitoring, 4G/LTE Caller & RF Integration, MIMO & high grain antenna technology, VoIP, Multi-APN, LTE QoS, Bearer Management, Signal Enhancement, Industrial & M2M connections

Wired: Multi-WAN Critical Connectivity, xDSL multi-pair bonding, Gig-abet Ethernet, multiple IP services integration, Smart Home Control, VoIP

Market Focus

BEC is focused on delivering innovative solutions to meet the requirement of next-generation IP services for residential and industrial business markets. BEC solutions enable customers to offer new services and generate added revenue, while also reducing operating costs. The diversity of their solutions allow partners to quickly respond and adapt to the growing Wireless WAN (WWAN) market. Their SD-WAN +LTE deployments provide more IoT manageability, reliability and flexibility for partners which can result in a reduction of downtime and increased efficiency.

The breadth of BEC Technologies offerings give them the ability to support multi-state telephone companies to property developers, triple play service providers to small offices with their “Not One Size Fit All” solutions.BEC Technologies has proven that they are dedicated to developing and offering comprehensive CPE product solution, to meet the growing demands of varying broadband market segments.


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