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Meet the Networking Team: Mike Freeman

by Samantha Kalany

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

We were able to link up with Mike Freeman a while back to report upon some internal feats. The Networking Departments is rapidly morphing to keep up with the industry’s hot trends and we were able to score some exclusive interview dialogue with Mike himself. Take a few minutes to read through the transcript.

Interviewer: Hi Mike! It’s been great to catch up with you today. We’d like to construct a little profile for you, to help our audience get to know our team better, so we’re going to ask you a few questions. Is that okay? 

Mike: Sure thing! 

Interviewer: Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself? 

Mike: Okay! My name is Mike Freeman and for the past 22 years I have been operating with OEMs and partners within the networking space. 

Interviewer: That’s awesome! Could you explain some responsibilities that you have at BlueStar? 

Mike: At BlueStar, I have been driving the networking initiative for nearly a year now, where I work to forge meaningful relationships, build out unique solution bundles, and work with partners to grow their business on the edge, through networking solutions. 

Technology is constantly updating and the introduction of newer solutions such as: SDWAN, UTM, 5G, and IoT. Our goal, throughout the networking department, is to encourage our partners to take advantage of these developments. 

Interviewer: That’s really cool. What are some tactics you utilize to help get out ahead of the chaos and meet customer demand? 

Mike: That’s a great question! So essentially, like technology solutions, we are always evolving. For example, in just the last four months, we have signed more than a dozen new vendor partners in the networking space — all in an effort to differentiate our offering and help out partners score new business opportunities. 

While we don’t want to become a broad line distributor, we will continue to align with industry leaders that provide best-of-breed solutions for our customers. 

Interviewer: On the other side of things, why should someone consider networking and developing edge solutions? 

Mike: The answer to that is quite simple, because it’s an easy way to increase your revenue while making your solutions “stickier” with your customers. That’s where BlueStar comes into the situation. We now offer bundles that don’t require you to be subject matter experts in order to sell networking solutions. We also provide you with the choice of selecting from OPEX financing models to help you score deals with monthly payments. 

If you’re looking to get started with BlueStar, be sure to give me a call to learn more about networking solutions that will grow your business and keep you on the edge of innovative solutions. 

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