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AI & IoT: What’s Better than That?

by Samantha Kalany
AI & IoT

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AI & IoT. Name a better duo. I’ll wait. The artificial intelligence (AI) market is roaring positively on a daily basis. The Internet of Things (IoT) is also booming and emerging into so many different industries, as devices everywhere are making the transition. These two technologies are coming together to provide us with, ultimately, the most advanced solutions, with hopes of simplifying our lives.  IoT extends into smart products, homes, and even locations. They are likely to transform and ultimately take over our lives… for the best. Though there are likely many advantages for this potential pair, they exist solely in their own format, as separate entities. AI & IoT aren’t able to work alongside each other, so the best option would be to make them partners, so new solutions could arise.

IoT Data Generation

In a data-driven world dominated by our connected devices, data is constantly being generated. Data generation machines are acquiring an increasing amount of connected devices. The data that these machines are collecting is starting to escalate in population, beyond the projected capability. The total calculated amount of connected things are replicating at an enormous level every year. The complexity and volume of data keeps growing as time goes on. Data that is not efficiently utilized, is rendered useless, since actions are not taken. Ai & IoTMoving away from that, AI and machine learning detects patterns in data, and learns from these patterns. In doing so, this tech is able to adjust how data is analyzed.

AI & IoT: Working Together

The act of connecting machines and generating data is at play. AI’s focus on simulating intelligent behavior in all sorts of machines and devices. When connected devices meet intelligence, a whole new world opens up. IoT provides a connected environment for the device and can exchange that data into the hands of AI/ML, which will bring value to that collection of data.

Business Functions

AI helps to provide actionable insights from the big data that IoT provides. It’s a committed relationship that brings applicable insights into their business. AI & IoT can advise business professionals on if they are making right or wrong decisions, strategically as well. ML provides predictions with high levels of accuracy, and can act as a guide for making better decisions in the future. Businesses need to invest in this “involved” relationship between AI & IoT if they strive to better themselves. AI & IoT promise accelerated innovation and significant productivity, overall.

Industrial Environments

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine Learning (ML) may be able to locate issues that arise in varying manufactured products. IIoT and machine learning will specifically adopt predictive maintenance, which makes it possible to forecast real-time analysis of functions. As a result, predictive maintenance will save engineers time and money, increase safety measures and can solve problems in a speedy manner. The marriage of this capability and connected IoT devices will further optimize resources and increase overall workplace sanctuary.


AI-enabled IoT devices are a technology that will become more automated over time, and will require very little human interactivity. Wearable fitness trackers can gather data in real-time and have it processed automatically through AI usage, instead of waiting for it to be entered manually by a human employee. AI systems on users’ phones can learn and remember learned behaviors, moods, and preferences over time. IoT can then apply its own corresponding force towards each situation, without being told to do so.

The unity of AI & IoT can revolutionize the world. The two technologies complement each other and provide business owners and consumers with the most effective and streamlined future and outcomes.

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