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Increasing End-User Intelligence in Retail

by Samantha Kalany

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Retailers must constantly adapt to shoppers needs and desires to stay relevant within the industry. Associates have to acquire new skill sets. Technology must contain in-store and supply chain updates to keep customers interested. Be the hero everyone needs and work with your retail-faced end users to ensure they boost their intelligence and evolve as time goes on. intelligence

Buy Online, Pickup in Store

Quite simply stating, this places the opportunity in the consumers hands, while allowing them to purchase items online and then pick it up in the physical store.  All retailers need to be there for customers. No matter where they are purchasing from, whether that be in-store, online, or from their mobile device, retailers have customers’ backs.

Consumers should be able to move smoothly from one channel to the other. Stores such as Target, Best Buy, Dicks’ Sporting Goods and Dillards have been adopting such services into their business plans. With the right ordering software, consumers can complete a purchase from anywhere. It’s been observed that customers who order online will end up purchasing more once they get to the store to pickup their transaction.

The Intelligence of Self-Serve Kiosks

This high-sensitivity touch option keeps customers coming back for more. Self-Serve Kiosks are integrative with staff members and customers alike. They come with a built-in ease for navigating the store aisles and bring web delivery alternatives into in-store shoppers. Using these kiosks can automatically boost a business’ bottom line. They also release valuable insights to employees that would otherwise remain unknown.

On the other hand, restaurants see that higher bills get checked, when ordered at the kiosk, because consumers have access to customizing their order right at their fingertips. Consumers can browse through inventory. At the same time, the kiosk can catalog demographic information to use in upcoming marketing campaigns. These vital metrics include time spent browsing through product listings and the most popularly searched terms. It’s been found that customers provide more honest and reliable feedback at the kiosks in comparison to when they are prompted for such information by a human sales representative. intelligence

Floating on a Cloud (Printer)

The power of receipt printers possess so much detailed info, for they are projecting out receipts by the second. Through cloud-enabled software, retailers can capture worthwhile data streams and turn it into actionable information that can lead to loyalty programs. These loyalty programs can include customized surveys, bundled sales offerings, and exclusive surveys. A variety of new services can arise that will increase customer engagement, thanks to loyalty programs.

All about Line Bustingintelligence

The average customer won’t wait more than 10 minutes to pay for items. Don’t make them wait any longer. You can accomplish this with line busting. Line Busting? Line busting is the breakdown of a retail line, through alternative methods and mobile accessories. Retailers can meet their customers’ expectations of a frictionless in-store checkout experience in the long run. Utilizing mPOS devices to break down line queues is also a successful tactic and can improve operational efficiency. Line busting can place specific responsibilities on extra cashiers to help segment up the work and break down the queue.


Hyper-localism is the coverage of all local news happenings. This can benefit retailers. Consumers are looking for relevance and the ability to make a connection to the brands they financially support. Technology can come to the rescue with that. Depending on their software, retailers have access to large amounts of consumer data. That consumer data allows them to create a heightened experience.

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