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A Couple Tips for Building the Best Reseller Channel

by Samantha Kalany
Reseller Channel

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Perhaps it’s fair to say that ISVs can find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to how and where to market their software products. A reseller channel can have pros and cons depending on the following criterion:

Direct sales processes are difficult for ISVs to take on alone, so that’s why they are commonly paired up with a reseller. Following this, the reseller will need to take into consideration the following tidbits:

  • Whether the ISV offers software by itself
  • Whether the ISV provides a hybrid of software and hardware solutions

Stray Away from Channel Conflict

If you, the ISV, are already working with resellers to sell products, don’t crowd the process, by striving to sell to end-users at the same time. You wouldn’t want to confuse customers or even dull down the sales footprint. It’s important that a clear understanding of all roles are incorporated correctly, so you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes. ISVs should focus on the product, while the VARs stick to the sales and demand.

Proper Coordination & Communication in the Mix

reseller Resellers need to understand the ISVs’ software offering. What does it do? Where is it useful? Who benefits from it? How does it fulfill a unique market need? Reseller channel communication and coordination extend beyond the initial transaction, as well. Resellers need to know how the software functions to train their own end-users at the end of the road. They also need that information so they can work to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise.

Reseller + Branded Marketing Materials = Increased End-User Demand

While working with a reseller to get a product for their market, the end-user needs to recognize the ISV as the provider behind the product. Logos and brand colors play a role in this as well. Reseller partners will look to create an emotional connection that is necessary to develop loyal customers.  reseller

Maintaining a strong reseller channel is vital in this whole process. ISVs should stay out on the front line with VARs and support them through it all. ISVs need to completely understand the hardware side of things. They have to be equipped with all of the correct tools to go out into the world and introduce these new products. Though there are many benefits of joining a reseller channel, the most important feat of them all is the relationship, itself. Supplying the commitment to make the relationship work will stand the test of time and ultimately shared profit and growth.

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