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Mobile Printing Trends for ISVs to Monitor

by Samantha Kalany
Mobile Printers

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For the ISVs who develop software applications for their clients, they need to determine that the mobile printing solutions can be easily integrated into the client’s everyday workplace operations. Disruptions are a weekly occurrence in vertical markets and it’s important to craft out and sell solutions that are as agile to meet the ever-changing demand of one’s clients. ISVs can stay on top of their game by keeping mindful of the these quarter’s top trends in mobile printing, throughout every spectrum of the channel.

Retail Mobile Printers

Mobile PrintersRetailers want to remove the friction out of online order management and store operations to create a more seamless experience for customers. They will also continue to spend big dollars on this to determine they can enable solutions that drive efficiencies from the front of the store to the back of the house. Business owners in this industry are constantly looking for smart, cost-effective technologies to sharpen their edge.

Mobile Printers Standing Alone

Retailers appreciate the ability to automatically scan and print, clear accurate markdown procedures and many other tasks that are handled in the back office. Retail associates are able to incorporate SKU files that reside in the printer, connected barcode scanners and seamless updating via cloud apps. These are the true game changers for this market. This allows stores to remain on the sales floor helping customers, while all of the nitty gritty work can be handled remotely.  Printing

Personalized Service & Unattended Shopping

Retail business professionals are looking for ways to leverage data from consumers to personalize marketing efforts. From push notifications to smart shelves and video analytics, retailers are able to score the data they are inquiring for through their own ISV-customized services. That being said, they are able to spark up accurate, fast-scanning barcodes that help to decrease customer wait times, all while using the proper price capture.

Mobile payment security and customer privacy will gain the leeway towards protecting shoppers with such location-aware technology. Through this, stores are able to shy away from credit card fraud and remove the uncomfortable friction that accommodates the in-store shopping experience. The ultimate goal is to change the customer’s in-store shopping experience.

Mobile Printing Down in the Warehouse

warehouse printingThe biggest competitive advantage is a warehouse that offers same-day delivery. Everyone wants their products on their own time and efficiently as possible. Though it may seem impossible to accommodate to consumer needs, it’s in everyone’s best needs to hop on the trends and work with customers’ needs.

Micro-Fulfillment Centers

Many are partnering up with “micro-fulfillment centers or startups. They are leveraging AI, robotics and other picker/packer technologies to operate smaller fulfillment centers, while also cutting back on the costs of last-mile delivery. Accurate labeling is also another popular feature for tracking all inventory that enter and exit the building.

Cross-Docking & Reliable Connections 

Cross docking entails a transaction being received, processed and then shipped out to the store all in the same day. This method is gaining popularity with warehouses who run the ship on a time sensitive scale. You’ll find that in the food & beverage industry, this is often mandatory. With the right mobile printing technology, warehouse workers can literally jump inside of trucks and start relabeling packages for store delivery. Labels can also be very descriptive in reporting where to store merchandise in the delivery truck, boosting delivery in the long run.

Fulfillment center associates desire to have their mobile equipment to be operational in all environments. Reliable connections are key. These workers can find themselves working from outside, inside and even on the road. It’s so important that all employees have access to quality connectivity in using mobile printers, to ensure the job is done. Dual WiFi and Bluetooth should work to deliver maximum wireless connectivity during all hours of the day.

Mobile Printing across the Supply Chain

Standardized Printing supply chain

Printing functions have typically been an afterthought in the process of optimizing efforts. They are an integral part of the process, as enterprises seek to simplify, standardize and centralize printing across the supply chains. Standardized printing methods work to mitigate potential risks, optimize processes, and increase agility. Shifting from hardware to printer platforms, these printers feature robust software communications and integration abilities.

On Demand Printing & Fully Integrated Management Systems 

It’s known that wireless label & receipt printing is proven to skyrocket performance numbers in every industry. To improve accuracy, productivity and efficiency across the supply chain, warehouse management solutions are interfacing with upstream transportation management systems. They’ve also been known to implement downstream route and DSD cloud-based device management applications. This makes it simple and easy to remotely deploy and upgrade mobile printers…wherever they are located.

Across all verticals, this trend is making a steadfast impact. As mobile devices evolve in the day-to-day, such hardware management will grow to include peripheral devices (mobile printers, scanners, etc.,). This will allow the most efficient use of mobile solutions to establish a smarter usage of the equipment.

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