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BlueStar: Your go-to Network Solutions Group

by Samantha Kalany

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Welcome to the Networking Newsletter and thank you for purchasing networking products from BlueStar. We have a number of expansions to our Networking program and our goal is to provide you with information necessary to grow your business utilizing networking solutions.

BlueStar’s Network Solutions Group distributes leading edge secure infrastructure solutions to the Small to Medium Business (SMB), Healthcare, and Government marketplaces protecting remote enterprise branch locations, secure mobile computing connectivity, and IOT marketplaces across North America through leading edge companies. BlueStar deploys secure enterprise solutions through its reseller channel with focus areas in the following industries: Networking

Hospitality & Retail
Advanced Data Capture
Mobile Computing

BlueStar, through its reseller channel, helps deliver secure edge infrastructure solutions through leading edge technology companies while reducing the prior technological and financial barriers to entry. BlueStar’s offerings administer simplified management and significant cost savings while also providing leading edge analytics. These are found vital in managing secure computing environments successfully.

Networking Trends for 2019

It’s an exciting time for networking.  AaaS (Anything as a Service) models are creating opportunities to upgrade technology without utilizing capital budgets.  These models can include hardware, software, installation services and maintenance.  Analytics continues to furnish deeper insight into networking utilization and end user profiles that provide organizations with actionable data.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are now present in networking technology creating proactive remediation and enhanced service based upon what the network has learned.  BlueStar will have some exciting announcements in 2019 to continue to help our VAR community grow their business.

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