6 Ways to Amp up your Networking Business, with BlueStar


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Whatever you need, BlueStar has your back. We are your Network Solutions Group for leading edge secure infrastructure solutions. We have a devoted presence in a wide range of industries including, Small to Medium Businesses (SMB), Healthcare and Government marketplaces, while still protecting remote enterprise branch locations, secure mobile computing connectivity, and IoT marketplaces across North America through leading edge companies. The following six tips are your sure-fire way to enhance your networking business with us, BlueStar.

1. Get the Right Product Mix!

BlueStar works through and through to provide top products and solutions in the following different categories:

  • Wifi Solutions
  • Cellular Connectivity and Failover
  • Routers
  • Management Software
  • Ethernet Switching
  • Network Security

Knock out multiple birds with one stone at BlueStar and locate all of the products you might need, accompanied by unparalleled customer service.

2. Rely on our Services

BlueStar provides Value-Added Services with each customer transaction. From Custom Configuration, Installation Services, Project Management & Consultations, Service Plans, Site Surveys, RFID Implementation, Key Injections Service and most importantly for this angle, Wireless Network Solutions. BlueStar offers the following benefits in accompaniment with working with BlueStar:

  1. Implementation, Configuration, and security setting management
  2. Upgrade of existing hardware
  3. Installation of the Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) cabinet, and cabling
  4. Wireless Surveys

3. Lean on our Experts networking

  • We have a tenured staff happy to come to your aid with any questions you may have throughout the process.
  • Our Business Development Managers and Sales staff live and breathe networking solutions, so whether it’s Access points, Failover devices, Routers, Management Software or switches, there is absolutely someone here at BlueStar to walk you through all you need to know.
  • Engineering + Solution Development = BlueStar! We may be a little biased, but our brilliant line of engineers are always on the ball with providing constant attention to detail and the customer service treatment that you deserve.

4. Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!

Looking for edge solutions? BlueStar can help with bundles that leverage industry leading POS, ADC, Digital Signage and Kiosk solutions with cutting-edge networking including Wireless Ethernet Switching and comprehensive Security solutions. If you are not selling edge networking and security with your standard business offerings, let BlueStar show you how our In-a-Box Solutions can help accelerate and grow your sales.

5. Total Solutions Including Insurance

BlueStar understands the need of businesses to protect their assets and technology.  Small and Medium size business are now the target for cyber criminals, many of who are not protected from cyber-attacks.  Look for new “In a Box Solutions” from BlueStar that have bundled PCI and or Cyber Insurance coverage along with industry leading networking security technology.  Another way for our VAR’s to help generate new recurring revenue streams while providing valuable needed protection to your customers.

6. Appware Solutions & Beyond

Appware Solutions is a BlueStar program focused on content marketing and end-user lead generation. Our marketing communications team collaborates with the marketing and sales management teams at our partners to execute targeted marketing campaigns. The Appware Solutions team acts as an advertising agency on behalf of our partners. For a given solution, we work to define a target audience based on geography, industry, professional skills, job function, and seniority. We then work with subject matter experts at our partner companies to develop compelling content marketing pieces that attract the attention of end users who are actively researching the solution.

When an end-user chooses to download our content, they’re required to exchange their contact details, such as: name, title, company, email, and phone number, which we share with our partners in real-time for a sales follow-up.

Additionally, BlueStar lends expertise in digitally nurturing these prospects during the research and evaluation process. We’ve had great success in generating leads that turn into closed business for our partners across industries and technology types. We continue to invest in our internal team of creative professionals to stay on the bleeding edge of social and content marketing techniques.

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