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Download: Zebra OneCare Support Services Part II

by Felicia Jordan

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NOTE: This is Part II of a two-part series. If you missed Part I, you can find it here.


Selling services along with hardware is a good way to increase margin on a sale and to differentiate your solutions with added value. Zebra Technologies has designed specialized services which partners can leverage to increase profits while providing customers ways to get the most out of their hardware investments. Zebra has also made it easy for partners to initiate service contracts with a new, standard part number nomenclature known as Smart SKUs.

This e-book, which follows the first in a series on Zebra’s service and asset visibility offerings, explains Zebra’s part numbering system, as well as some of their exclusive service offerings with specialized coverage. It also provides tips for selling Zebra services with assistance from BlueStar.

It’s easy to order Zebra OneCare service agreements with Smart SKUs. Zebra’s part numbers for all OneCare Service agreements for mobile computers and scanners now have the same part number nomenclature as printer service SKUs, which make them easier to identify and to ensure you are ordering the correct service.

Smart SKUs are designed to streamline the process of entering contracts as well as providing customers with final agreements faster.

The Benefits?

  • It’s Simple. No need to order a base contract SKU and add additional options/SKUs to engage a contract. One service part number with one price will help you quote and submit a purchase order (PO) to BlueStar.
  • It’s Comprehensive. Smart SKUs have all options built into the part number and the price, simplifying the process with a single SKU to capture the complete service entitlement.
  • It’s Clearer. You’ll have visibility from order to invoice. The part number will be visible on your invoice as it was on the PO.
  • It’s Consistent. The service part number structure for mobile computers and scanners will be consistent with that of Zebra OneCare for Printers, keeping with the same structure to improve familiarity.

There are a number of reasons to rely on BlueStar when selling Zebra services. BlueStar can help you stay on top of expiring contracts — 90, 60, or 30 days in advance of expiration. These notifications can help you ensure your customers avoid lapse in coverage and reinstatement fees. BlueStar can also provide you with a listing of contracts that you currently have open to make it easier for you to manage — all of your service contracts for all of your customers — right at your fingertips. And of course, BlueStar will help you identify and quote the proper service configuration SKU for any unit.

Many end users find it helpful to have all units covered under contracts with the same expiration date (otherwise known as consolidation or co-term). BlueStar can help you co-term contracts and have all of a customer’s units covered under one contract, with one expiration date, even when newer units are being added to an existing contract.

BlueStar can also get you access to the Zebra Renewals Portal and help you navigate it to facilitate the process of quoting renewal contracts. Once trained, you will better understand how to easily manage your renewal opportunities as well as provide a higher level of service and customer satisfaction to your clients.


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