Vibrant Barcode Scanners Bring Color to Mobile POS and Field Sales

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socketWho says barcode scanners need to be big, clunky and industrial-looking? The new Spring Color Collection from Socket Mobile unites style and technology with a selection of eye-catching colors for the Socket CHS 7Ci, the #1 barcode scanner for tablet-based POS.

Customers notice when businesses deploy mobile devices, and they’ll especially notice when smartphones and tablets are paired with vibrant colors of the Socket CHS 7Ci scanner. As retailers adopt mobile POS, they want a hip barcode scanner for use around customers on the sales floor.

The new Spring Color Collection from Socket Mobile not only looks great with the latest Apple and Android devices, it also enhances corporate branding in retail and customer service applications and enables workers to personalize their scanners. Plus, bright colors make the scanners easy to find in busy work environments.

Designed for mobility, the Socket CHS 7Ci is small, sleek, comfortable to hold, and 60% lighter than the iPhone 5. Offered in vivid colors including red, blue and yellow, it’s a commercial-grade scanner certified by Apple for the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch. Also compatible with the latest Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices, the Socket CHS 7Ci is backed by a software development kit.

Are your clients using mobile devices while engaging with customers? They’ll love Socket Mobile’s new Spring Color Collection as an indispensable tool that both improves operations and reinforces corporate identity in mobile applications.

For more information on the CHS 7Ci and other retail/point-of-sale solutions from Socket, please visit

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