Finding Success in Webinar Recruitment

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Webinars are great tools to provide education or announce new products. Although easy to conduct and present, it can be a challenge to generate an audience. The first thing to ascertain, what is the target audience? Having a “sniper’s approach” to a specific crowd is much more advantageous than the “shotgun approach” that is wild and unpredictable. If your recruitment is not targeted, you may end up losing subscribers or followers as they will see your transmissions as not relevant or too frequent. In any event, your target should be quality attendees not necessarily quantity. Once the target audience has been identified, now is the time to use creativity to create collateral. The collateral will be different for each webinar campaign as dictated by methods of recruitment.

One of the most popular methods of recruitment is email blasts. This is the most simple way to reach your audience and it can be very effective. There are some tips to follow that will help your transmission maximize its effectiveness.

  • Make sure the email has an effective, aesthetic layout. The call to action button should not live at the bottom of the email. By placing it in the top-half, there is not worry that the recipient will not see the button. Depending on the recipient’s screen resolution, if the button is at the bottom, they may move on before scrolling to the bottom.


  • Another aspect to focus on is brevity. The goal is to merely entice attendees. If there is too much information on the email blast, there is a strong possibility that none of it will be read. Consequently, you could be giving away too much content that will be covered in the webinar presentation. By simply highlighting basic topics, interest should be piqued and recipients will be enticed to want to see more. Hence, they will have to attend the webinar. Brevity also keeps the email simple and clean. By making your transmission easy to navigate, the recipient will be more likely to read and digest your message.


  • Always include the date and time of the webinar! It seems like a simple task, but ensure that it is placed near the top of your transmission and large enough to be noticed.


  • Ensure the call to action is linked properly. Sending an email without a proper call to action will definitely not yield any results.


Another method of recruitment is social media. This is a less targeted approach to recruitment, however, you are able to broadcast your webinar to your entire customer base. The advantage is that there may be attendees that were not part of the email blast that attend your webinar. Be hesitant not to over-promote your event, it may jeopardize the number of followers and connections that the business has accumulated.

Telemarketing is also a great tool to use for webinar recruitment. Not only does this produce a touch-point, it allows for a small pitch as to why the party should attend. Personal interaction is key in developing business and a strong partner base. The webinar provides a reason to have a conversation, receive feedback and interact. If your list is too large, you may contract a 3rd party team to telemarket. Most 3rd party entities will require a script and may slightly inflate your cost of recruitment, however, they are focused and efficient.

Direct mail is another tool that could be leveraged. While relatively inexpensive to mail, tangible advertising of the webinar sometimes means more to a target than other tools. The struggle with direct mail is making sure the information ends up in the hands of the intended target.


There are many ways to target and recruit attendees for a webinar. A multi-touch campaign, leveraging multiple recruitment tools, will garner the best results. The key is to find your target audience and strive to recruit as much of that list as possible.


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