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What’s New at Vartech Nation?

by Felicia Jordan

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You may have already noticed the recent facelift Vartech Nation has received – and if you didn’t, perhaps take a moment to look around.

But a shiny new appearance isn’t the only thing new about Vartech Nation. We’ve been busy putting together new, diverse ways to inform, educate, and, sometimes, entertain you on the channel.

Our editorial and design teams have slaved over hot MacBooks for quite some time to bring you brand new, free ebooks chock full of helpful content to help you better navigate the channel, make informed choices, and learn new tricks of the trade. If you’re dying to learn how to improve your digital media marketing strategies, we’ve got you. If you’re an ISV looking to figure out how to jump into the complexities of the channel, but you’re not sure what you should do first, we’ve got you. And we’re not done yet – BlueStar is rolling out new ebooks regularly, and they’re all free for you to download and peruse at your leisure.

If a new face and new content wasn’t enough, we’ve also worked very hard to bring you brand new BlueStar podcasts, featuring experts in the channel and thought-leaders from many different industries. Whether you’re listening at work, during your morning run, or on your lunch break, we’ll be bringing you information on industry trends, actionable strategies, and news of what’s going on in the channel today.

We’re working constantly to bring you the freshest news, the best advice, and the most relevant information about what’s going on in our industries and verticals. Our ebook library is ever-expanding, you can subscribe to Vartech Nation to keep up with our weekly blogs, and our podcasts can keep you going whether you’re on the road or at your desk. Stay tuned to Vartech Nation to see what else we’re cooking up for you.

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