An ISVs Guide to Navigating the Channel

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As an ISV who is wanting to get into the channel, there are many things you’ll need to know about how to best grow your company. You will need to have dedicated resources to support your reseller program and a plan to navigate the channel efficiently. Competition is tough, and many VARs resell more than one type of software, so you’ll have to differentiate your product and get ahead of your competition. There are many different factors that go into working with the channel, but once you’ve mastered your strategy, the channel will help your company achieve real growth for your participation.

What is the Channel?

The Channel is an ecosphere of value added resellers (VARs), distributors, and hardware manufacturers. Through this ecosystem, relationships are developed between members to help increase business and foster growth. The Channel helps manufacturers, software developers, resellers and distributors to connect with one another and generate. The biggest opportunity of being a member of this channel lies in leveraging these folks to grow your business and your revenue.

Best Practices for Working with VARs

When working with VARs, there are important things to consider before you begin to engage future partners, and which collaborations will further your product best.

  • Pricing
  • Training
  • Support
  • Sales Territories vs. Open Market

Working with Other ISVs

There are many different examples of ISVs partnering together successfully, but the most successful of these are also deeply integrated within the overall channel as well. This is because these ISVs correctly recognize that there are numerous other creative and cutting-edge entrepreneurs with solutions sitting just outside of their core competencies

Working with a Manufacturer or Distributor

Manufacturers and distributors want to know as much about your company and your corporate DNA as they can, including information about the founders and current management teams. This is because, often enough, there are truly fantastic solutions in the market today that will never achieve success as a result of execution failures. Because of this, it’s important for manufacturers and distributors to be aware of the teams behind this execution, and work closely with them to strive for success.

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