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Tips to Channel Marketing for Success

by Felicia Jordan

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In business, marketing is key. When there are multiple products available that are similar to that of your company’s, you have to compete and stand out. Without a solid brand, a strong reputation and an exceptional ad campaign, business owners run the risk of fading to the back of consumer’s attention, and product sales can suffer. Marketing can not only propel great products further ahead of the competition, but it can improve your company’s overall impact and image, keeping you in the forefront of your customer’s minds, not your competitors.

Deciding to invest in marketing is just the initial step; the most challenging decision is choosing which activities are worthy of your marketing dollars. Because the marketing landscape has changed drastically with the rise of email, and other changes in technology, many of the methods that companies use today could be outdated. For other companies, it simply depends on the industry. VARs may see a strong ROI on direct mailers to merchants, but it’s much less likely that distributors will gain as much from this type of marketing. However, for any level of the channel, keeping tabs on Google analytics, perfecting SEO methods, trade show exhibits, lunch and learn programs, lead generation services, and carefully crafted case studies are all excellent methods.

Remarketing to customers who may have left a store or website without making a purchase can also be a crucial step to grabbing and retaining sales. From re-targeted ads that are designed to show off items similar to what a customer may have surveyed on your site to e-mailing a customer about an item they may have left in their digital cart, retouching with these customers can help increase closed sales. Other forms of remarketing approaches may include mobile app notifications, and video marketing. These target prospective buyers while they are shopping and in a purchasing mentality.

Additionally, while changes in technology and the way the average customer consumes media have affected the marketing landscape, some conventional marketing techniques still work. Email blasts still bring in leads, but it’s important to distinguish that, while there may be fewer leads overall, these leads are of a higher quality and are much more likely to make a purchase. The same can be said for other forms of marketing, like social media.

Facebook ads may not reach as many individuals as an email blast, but they’re targeted towards shoppers whose online habits indicate they’re already interested in products within your expertise. Google analytics can also be monitored and leveraged to ensure you’re able to get the most out of retargeting ads and SEO capabilities. LinkedIn ads, additionally, are targeted in different ways, because the immediate base is already comprised of professionals within your industries. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn already weeds out any individuals who may not have been serious about purchasing your product, and can be aimed at individuals in specific positions within their companies; if you want to market directly to CEOs or decision-making individuals, LinkedIn is the best choice for your ads.

There are many different options you can put your marketing dollars towards, it simply comes down to trial and error, and determining what avenues will be the best for your specific company. Each business will have unique needs, and these marketing methods will bring in results differently for each industry.

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Co-contributors: Angela Feeney & Terry Barker

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