E-Book: Mobility for the Merchant

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As mobile deployment catches up with demand, merchants are developing business to business use cases and best practices.

POS dealers, especially those serving the small and mid-sized retail markets, are increasingly leading their sales calls with mobile. The well-documented influx of mobile devices into the retail market is evidence that merchants are tripping over themselves to go mobile. That demand has spawned a veritable cottage industry of POS dealers focused exclusively on mobile, and its forced traditional PC-based POS dealers to respond in kind by adding mobile options to their line cards.

As mobile POS and payments evolve, acquirers are serving an increasingly important role in the middle of the payment network. By centralizing services, support, and data, the acquirer speed the merchant to the reterminalization and mobile technology ROI they so earnestly seek.

Understanding how to sell mobile — or in some cases how to steer merchant customers away from mobile — is central to the modern POS dealer’s success.

Download our free e-book on mobility from our partners at Vantiv to learn more about what you should consider when selling mobile devices.


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