3 Ways to Overcome Objections to RFID

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To you, it’s obvious why RFID is a no-brainer for businesses that want to gain a competitive edge in their industries. But making the case for one of the hottest technologies in recent years sometimes can still mean you’re fighting an uphill battle if buyers aren’t ready to take the plunge.

When you’re talking to prospective tech buyers and decision-makers, here are three arguments you can use to overcome objections and get your audience on board with RFID.


Say goodbye to the status quo

First and foremost, have to make a compelling case for why the status quo simply isn’t good enough anymore. If your prospective customer is truly satisfied with how business currently is running, then all of the benefits of RFID will mean nothing.

Be sure to listen carefully to what your prospect is saying, however. Maybe the customer thinks the business is in a good place for the moment but what you’re hearing is that they’re not prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. Demonstrate how RFID can future-proof a business for whatever industry changes are just around the corner.

Be a problem solver

Technology for technology’s sake doesn’t make much sense, especially when businesses are faced with shrinking budgets and department leads fight for every available dollar. To really win over buyers, make a clear and compelling case for how RFID can solve their specific business challenges. Do your research on the prospect’s vertical, for example:

  • In healthcare, RFID can track inventory and patients to improve safety and efficiency;
  • In retail, RFID can help merchants become omnichannel players and sell and deliver goods in the channel of the consumer’s choice;
  • Government agencies have reaped significant savings using RFID to keep tabs on important and high-value assets; and
  • Engineering and construction firms use RFID to monitor stress and strain on bridges and other critical infrastructure.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Investing time studying the buyer’s particular pain points can help you identify the problem to be solved — and then you can demonstrate how RFID is the solution.

Always be the nice guy

It’s tempting to try to get ahead by telling your prospects what’s wrong with the solutions your competitors offer, but it’s all too easy for that strategy to backfire. Instead, spend the limited time you have in front of customers with their undivided attention by laying out all of the reasons why RFID is a game-changer and why you’re well equipped to be the one to implement it for them effectively.


When you are discussing RFID with a prospect, be prepared to address their doubts and objections. By persuading prospects that the status quo no longer is sufficient, showing how RFID meets critical business needs and avoiding the pitfall of belittling your competitors, you’ll demonstrate that you truly are a leader in RFID implementations and by trusting you, they’ll be in good hands.


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