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How mobile barcode scanners will shape the future

by Felicia Jordan

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On a recent blog from VDC, they discuss Mobile Barcode Scanners and how they will shape the future of the Data Capture Industry.   It indicates that “consumer smart device-based solutions such as companion scanners, sleds, and barcode scanning software platforms are being evaluated as viable solutions to replace or be deployed alongside traditional purpose-built devices”.  These scanners and sled devices are being used to replace purpose-built devices in several enterprises.  These devices include the following:

  • Small Form Factor BlueTooth Scanners that pair with iOS devices and other smart phones
  • Enterprise Sleds.

Honeywell has products for both of these environments.  The recently released Voyager 1602g Upgradeable Pocket scanner features Honeywell’s high performance 1d Scanner that can be upgraded to 2D and fits in a pocket.  It is a perfect scanning companion to tablet based retail point of sale and field service applications.


Honeywell also has Enterprise Sleds for the Apple devices including iPad mini, iPhone® 5th generation, iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple iPod touch®. These solutions provide added durability to Apple devices, resulting in a solution that is expected to lower the failure rate of customers using competitors’ sleds by as much as 80%. They also can provide up to 60% additional power versus a competitive solution, ensuring maximum uptime for mobile users in the field.

honeywell_ScannerTo read the full blog post, visit http://blog.vdcresearch.com/autoid/2015/12/new-report-mobile-barcode-scanners-shaping-the-future-of-the-data-capture-industry.html?bms.tk=kzaqwPg26Aa17Gd20Gc21Pc30Ue33Ne26ksdrt
For more information on Honeywell products available at BlueStar, email Honeywell@bluestarinc.com or visit http://www.bluestarinc.com/us-en/honeywell.html

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