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ISV Spotlight: Action Systems, Inc.

by James Korte

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Action Systems, Inc. (ASI) was founded in 1987 with the sole purpose of developing open architecture software solutions for Restaurant Manager™ POS.  Demand for this point of sale solution caused ASI to create a reseller network throughout the US and Canada; this reseller network helped the company generate better sales than ever before, and ASI has been growing ever since.

At this time, Action Systems, Inc. has over 150 VARs in the United States alone. ASI also has representatives in international markets across the world, including Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Continued growth has allowed ASI to develop a product line that spans the entire foodservice industry, including quick service, table service, fast casual, chain, and delivery operations.

Software Solutions

Restaurant Manager™ POS: Restaurant Manager™ POS is ASI’s trademarked complete POS system that has been serving the food service establishments for over 20 years. The software is completely customizable to fit fine dining, casual dining, bars, nightclubs, pizza shops, cafés, quick service restaurants, and much more. New items can be quickly added to the system and messages that need your staff’s attention can be generated and synced to all displays.  Restaurant Manager™ POS can also generate automatic alerts and has built-in server training capabilities. Accuracy and efficiency is vital to the success of any restaurant, so Restaurant Manager™ is designed to make sure employees can easily handle special instructions on orders, sell and process gift certificates, split checks, and more.

Restaurant Manager™ is also perfect for managers who frequently print status reports, keep an eye on inventory, and even track how certain specials are performing. The system can also be easily integrated with third-party vendors for gift-card and extensive inventory tracking purposes.

Online Ordering: ASI offers an online ordering module that you can integrate with your store’s POS system.  Customers can place advance orders at any time of day and schedule pick up times whenever they want. This allows your restaurant to accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without paying an order taker to be available outside of business hours. The online ordering module can be customized to implement suggestive selling, usually resulting in larger orders and increased profits for a restaurant.  This module makes it easy to track results and maintain a variety of menus, and it can be done without managers having to learn new software.

RM Customer Loyalty: ASI’s customer relations management (CRM) module, RM Customer Loyalty, allows you to customize any sort of customer loyalty promotion, discount, or giveaway that fits your business. Whether it is a discount for seniors or active military, a free margarita, birthday treat, or whatever you may offer, RM Customer Loyalty makes taking care of your loyal patrons a snap. RM Customer Loyalty offers security features to prevent abuse and fraud by staff or customers, and it also offers robust reporting that allows you to adjust and measure the success of your loyalty programs. RM Customer Loyalty is easy to use, configure, and manage while also offering powerful marketing tools that allow you to connect with members through text message and email with built-in database marketing software.

RM Monitor: The RM Monitor remote management app provides real-time data and reports for restaurant owners who are working remotely. This makes it easy to maintain and monitor restaurants using only a smartphone or web browser. RM Monitor provides data on customers, sales, average bill size, labor, and more. Custom alerts can be set up to notify managers or owners about a variety of factors, like when employees are approaching overtime. This application also offers information on open tabs and tables or reprinted checks.

Become a Reseller

Action Systems, Inc. would like to expand its already extensive network of over 150 value added resellers. Their feature-rich software and coverage of the entire market combine to make ASI the perfect partner. ASI works hard to promote their resellers and to ensure that their partnerships are profitable for all parties. If becoming a reseller interests you, contact Action Systems, Inc. at joinrm@actionsystems.com or by calling Heather Leekins, Sr. Marketing Manager at Action Systems, at (888) 902-0061.

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