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11Giraffes® is a leading turnkey digital signage software company that provides brands and enterprises maximum control over their content.  The company’s digital signage software is a user-friendly, feature-rich, stable and effective turnkey or self-service web-based content management and control system.  Opening in 2001, 11Giraffes has been in the digital signage industry for over a decade.  The business was originally known as The Elevator Company and specialized in solutions for the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) industry, defining what is now called “narrowcasting.” Due to the emergence of new technologies and changes in the industry, The Elevator Channel soon became 11Giraffes and designed a self-serve, digital & audio messaging solution for use in a wide variety of industries.

Software Solutions

Scalable Interactive Solutions: 11Giraffes provides intuitive, manageable, and scalable digital signage solutions that are easy to use and cost effective for businesses of any size.  Traditional digital signage solutions have been complicated or confusing, so 11Giraffes developed their scalable interactive solutions with visual simplicity in mind.  The 11Giraffes digital media system is designed to present the user with everything needed to easily create the desired content.  The solution comes with a full template library, but you can use your own media files or even utilize live news, weather, or sports scores. The whole interface can be controlled with a few clicks, and scheduling options allow the scalable interactive solutions to display specific videos based on specific locations, geographic region, age, gender, and more.  11Giraffes’ digital signage platform can be centrally controlled at the corporate level, making the solution fully scalable.  The system is designed to grow; all content can be controlled from a single device, whether your operation consists of one location or is an international brand.

Synchronized Video Walls: 11Giraffes offers a new way to build an eye-catching visual experience through their synchronized video wall solution, which scales in shape and size.  This video wall solution is created by organizing over 200 displays in any shape or configuration. Traditional video walls offered by other companies scale content across displays, which reduces video quality and forces the experience to be displayed in standard aspect ratios.  However, the synchronized video walls offered by 11Giraffes support full HD quality video (up to 1920×1080 resolution) on every display, and they can be tiled to create shapes that simply cannot be ignored by passerby.  Customers can choose landscape, portrait, or even angled orientations.  11Giraffes’ video walls can be managed using the same great software they provide with their other digital signage solutions.

Become a Reseller

11Giraffes’ dealer program allows resellers to partner up with the fastest growing business media providers of today.  Become an 11Giraffes reseller, and give your clients smart digital signage solutions and the power to effectively communicate their brand. The business opportunity offered by 11Giraffes includes a growing market and increasing demand for digital signage solutions, as well as hardware revenue, recurring monthly revenues for SaaS, and a variety of other benefits.  If you are interested in becoming a reseller, visit our website, contact Aaron Petrosky at, or call (704)943-5909.

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