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Inject a New Stream of Revenue Into Your Business – WiNG Express!

by Felicia Jordan

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VARTECH 2015 is over, the ship has docked, but the excitement and buzz has just begun!

WiNG Express has proven to be both a compelling and intriguing product.

Now more than ever partners are looking for new streams of revenue. If you’re selling Zebra POS and Mobile Computers, own the entire account by including WiNG Express!

As an open class product you no longer have to worry about stringent certifications; it’s easy to install, easy to scale, and won’t break the bank. And it provides a complimentary revenue stream to your existing business.

Small to medium business owners have been clamoring for an affordable, enterprise-grade WLAN solution and this is it!

Not only do you get a very robust infrastructure (the hardware is the same as our WiNG 5 offering), you also get analytics allowing you to manage your guest network. Now you will know not only who, but the types of devices are on your network and for how long.

Take Cathy, although she’s a fictitious character, her story is too real. She’s a small business owner that needs an enterprise grade solution to help her manage her business. Click the link below and and see how WiNG Express not only solves her needs but scales as her business does.


Call me. I can show you how you can make this a revenue stream for your organization.

Duane Roebuck
BlueStar Wireless & Security Business Development Manager – Zebra
859-371-4423 x 3298

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