Windows 10 Operating System to offer IOS and Android Migration Tools

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It is all the talk today – Windows 10 is released!   What does that mean for the rugged mobile device manufacturers?   As of this date, no new devices have been announced for the Windows 10 platform.  However, if you have native Android or IOS applications currently, the good news is that Microsoft has created two Software Development Kits that will make it easy to port IOS and Android applications to Windows 10.    According to Tech Target’s article, Microsoft’s goal is to minimize the amount of work for developers to develop applications for Windows 10.

This is good news for the rugged mobile device industry, as the operating system direction still is unclear.  Applications developed for the current operating systems should easily port to the Windows 10 platform, thanks to these new tools.    Tech Target believes this will help eliminate one of with Microsoft’s problem of lack of applications for the Windows 8.1 and Windows phone operating systems by providing a tool to migrate these applications to Windows 10.  For ISV’s currently writing applications or corporations choosing a current hardware platform, this should give them a comfort level that they will be able to migrate to future devices.

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