The Internet of Things: The Hot Topic at VARTECH 2015

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VARTECH 2015 will be taking place from September 14th through the 18th, and will feature educational workshops, solution sessions, and hands-on demonstrations valuable to those in the ADC, digital signage, mobility, POS, RFID, and security channels.  BlueStar’s goal is to foster collaboration between partners and unite the industry’s value-added resellers.

BlueStar is dedicated to offering solution sessions that are packed with actionable business intelligence that helps businesses grow.  This year, the topic on the forefront of every VAR’s mind is the Internet of Things (IoT).  There will be a solution session on the Internet of Things at VARTECH, but the concept is still relatively new to many VARs. In order to prepare for the hottest topic at VARTECH 2015, here is a breakdown of what IoT is and why it is exploding in popularity.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is the network of objects/devices (or “things”) that are affixed or embedded with software, sensors, and other electronics that enable these objects to communicate and exchange data with other devices – without human interaction. The IoT allows objects to be sensed or even controlled through existing network infrastructure.  This network creates a more innate connection between computer-based systems and the rest of the world, which results in opportunities for improved efficiency and accuracy and often leads to financial benefits as well.

The “things” in the Internet of Things can refer to devices of almost any kind, and people are beginning to use these devices to collect useful data and autonomously transmit the data throughout the network.  The uses for the IoT are pretty much endless. It can be used to create alerts when something happens or a certain threshold is passed, devices can automate processes that would otherwise require human intervention, and the locations of items can be automatically tracked – but that’s just the beginning with IoT.

How Will the IoT Impact You?

The Internet of Things will likely impact most aspects of your life. When you set your alarm for the morning, all of your outside lights could be turned off; when your alarm goes off in the morning, your coffee maker could be notified to start brewing coffee. For organizations, the network could be set to detect when certain products or supplies are running low and more could be ordered automatically. Managers could receive automatic updates from employees’ devices that analyze where and when they were most productive.

What Are the Benefits of IoT?

Many VARs want to know what kind of opportunities or benefits IoT will bring them. While there are quite a few benefits to the Internet of Things, here are a few of the biggest ones:

Better Utilization of Assets: An efficient supply chain is important for any industry, but improving efficiency can often be harder than it looks. When businesses utilize sensors and a network of wireless technology to track assets, managers receive real-time insights and visibility into the supply chain. The IoT would allow managers to more easily find assets and either prevent or resolve any issues.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency: The real-time information provided through the network of devices can be used to make smarter business decisions and improve processes. Having an in-depth understanding of what slows processes down makes it much easier to cut out the problems and reduce operating costs.

Generated Value: Organizations save money when assets are properly utilized and processes are as efficient as possible. While some of the changes might seem miniscule, the combined impact of a more efficient business shows the true value of the Internet of Things. The extra time and money can then be repurposed to generate new revenue streams.

The Internet of Things is still a fairly new concept for many people, but a continued focus/dependence on technology and the desire for more efficient business processes will soon show how valuable the it will be in the future.

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