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ISV Spotlight on Intuit

by James Korte

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When Scott Cook founded Intuit in 1983, the company was focused on offering Quicken personal finance software to help simplify the process of balancing a family checkbook. Over the years, Intuit has grown to become a provider of small business solutions that center on core business operations like accounting, payroll, point of sale, and demand generation. The company continues to evolve, creating new solutions that solve problems for their customers. Intuit’s innovativeness is a large reason why they have assisted over 10 million customers and annual revenue of over $4 billion. Although the business has grown immensely since its inception, Intuit still works to simplify finance management for businesses and individuals.


Software Solutions

  1. QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop comes in four versions: Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise. Each version is designed to offer specific advantages, ensuring that customers can get organized, save time, and efficiently manage their businesses from end to end. Whether you are getting up and running, working to expand, or simply want greater flexibility, QuickBooks Desktop has a version that optimized to meet your needs. QuickBooks Accountant Desktop makes it easier than ever to collaborate with clients also offers a toolbox of features that help boost efficiency.
  2. QuickBooks Point of Sale: QuickBooks Point of Sale comes in two versions: a desktop solution and an iPad solution, which is powered by Revel Systems. The iPad POS solution is fully featured and allows business owners to run their entire operations with a tablet. QuickBooks Point of Sale handles sales, inventory, and customer tracking, making it easier than ever before for businesses to streamline time consuming processes. This software is packed with cutting-edge technologies and features, like EMV payment processing, and can be scaled to grow with any operation.
  3. QuickBooks Payments: QuickBooks Payments allows businesses to achieve faster payments for online and mobile credit card processing. This intuitive software is ideal for business owners because it makes it easy to email invoices with a “Pay Now” link, accepts ACH bank transfers, is PCI compliant, and accepts all major credit cards. QuickBooks Payments, which updates automatically, allows business owners to accept payments anywhere, and payments are deposited within two to three days.


Become a Reseller

Intuit VARs differentiate their business models, create real end-user value, and gain a competitive edge while maximizing profit. These things are all essential to creating progressively better revenue streams as well as supporting core business. Intuit is actively looking for new resellers that can service and support QuickBooks customers. Another great benefit of joining the program is our recurring revenue generator for Intuit reseller partners selling Intuit payment solutions. Simply refer your end user to Intuit, and we’ll approve their payments account. The reseller gets recurring revenue based on charge volumes! Sign up for the program today.

Intuit’s Reseller Program is flexible enough to meet the demands of any business model, and its tiered structure lets you choose the level that you are comfortable with. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, visit our website or contact Crystal George at Crystal_george@intuit.com or (520)901-2538.

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