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ISV Spotlight on 22MILES

by James Korte

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22MILES was founded in 2007. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company sought to provide digital communication solutions for a variety of industries, including hospitality, education, healthcare, and retail. They’ve already helped over 500 customers find digital signage solutions.

22MILES found its niche in wayfinding—providing easy, interactive 3D map solutions for digital signage. With the support of a team of over thirty graphic designers, software programmers and IT professionals, 22MILES now has a complete product and service line, including iPhone App development, both multi-touch and non interactive digital signage software, mobile wayfinding, and a variety of other multi-touch software solutions.

  1. Software SolutionsAdSlide ™: 22MILES designed this solution to meet the needs of any establishment that’s looking for a digital sign that isn’t interactive. This software allows businesses of any kind to display anything from building directories or event calendars, to donor recognition or news feeds, to live weather or ad-promotional content. This fully featured digital signage package is perfect for all static displays, including reader boards, room boards, screensavers, and AdSlides.
  2. Touch Plus ™: This touchscreen solution is perfect for displaying a variety of media-rich content. 22MILES created a truly interactive experience for presenting information. This software can act as an interactive concierge. It’s an excellent way to provide donor recognition, local restaurant and business search, and real time flight status. This software acts as virtual receptionist and can easily display stunning videos and images. Visitors can even complete surveys and more, all within Touch Plus. Click here to view a short video on Touch Plus.
  3. Waytouch ™ Premier: Our industry-leading wayfinding software makes it easy to navigate through destination searches using the world’s best Pinch and Zoom Interactive 3D mapping. This application is an excellent way for campuses, hospitals, or large facilities to provide useful and interactive wayfinding. Click here to view video short video on Waytouch Premier.

All of 22MILES’ solutions provide free form design with no coding and a powerful, built-in 3D map builder. The standard software features include flight times, VOIP calling, 360 panoramic view and more. Third party data, including DELPHI, JSON, CSV, SOAP, iCalender, and SQL, are all easily integrated.

Become a Reseller

22MILES offers two partner programs for those interested in becoming resellers. The first program entails 22MILES providing a complete turnkey solution (AdSldie ™, Touch Plus ™, and Waytouch   Premier ™) at wholesale pricing, so partners can easily resell the product. This solution includes software, professional content creation, digital sign hardware and a media player.

The second program is ideal for integrators and design firms that are looking to create and design their own digital signage solutions with the 22MILES Publisher Pro 2015 software. Learn more about Publisher Pro 2015 here.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact Chad Bogan from 22MILES by email at chad.bogan@22miles.com or by calling 669-238-8444.

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