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ISV Spotlight: NiceLabel

by James Korte

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Founded in 1993, NiceLabel offers industry-leading barcode and RFID labeling solutions for SME and Enterprise level businesses in more than 100 countries. NiceLabel has global offices in Slovenia, China, Singapore, Germany and the United States and its next generation NiceLabel platform is sold in 27 different languages, making it the world’s most trusted label technology. Countless companies have trusted NiceLabel to achieve brand consistency, optimize supply chain efficiency, and adhere to regulatory and compliance standards. Some of the world’s largest companies depend on NiceLabel, but their solutions can be tailored to fit organizations of any size and in almost any industry.

Software Solutions

PowerForms Desktop: Value added resellers can leverage PowerForms Desktop to build branded labeling solutions that simplify the label printing process and keep them in the forefront of their customers’ minds. By selling applications built with PowerForms, VARS go from selling low-margin products to high-value solutions.

PowerForms Desktop gives users the ability to design barcode labels and generate error-free printing applications by intuitively adapting the printer’s interface to meet the needs of their businesses. Essentially, this software eliminates human error and greatly improves efficiency by minimizing manual data entry. Custom labeling applications can be quickly created with PowerForms Desktop, and they can be created without any sort of programming. This software greatly reduces development costs and its benefits can also translate to point of sale and scale management applications. Visit this page to see examples of applications our partners built for their customers.

GHS Desktop Solution Pack: The GHS Desktop Solution Pack was developed by NiceLabel as a simple, out-of-the-box solution to help suppliers and any other users of hazardous chemicals to swiftly adopt the new GHS standard and avoid the risk of being non-compliant. This solution pack includes a variety of sample label designs, a chemical data management interface, and a simple printing interface. Download the GHS Desktop Solution Pack here: http://www.nicelabel.com/solutions/chemical/ghs-desktop-

Become a Reseller

NiceLabel VARs differentiate their business, create real end-user value, and gain a competitive edge while maximizing profit. Changing market conditions are presenting a unique business opportunity. Companies are looking for print productivity that drives operational process improvement. This has created a new labeling solution and services opportunity that allows VARs to expand their offerings beyond simple, low margin “box” sales.

With NiceLabel, instead of simply selling label designer software, VARs are able to offer touch screen, web, and centralized control solutions that result in significant license and services revenue. Additionally, NiceLabel offers assisted marketing and sales to help partners capitalize on these new opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact NiceLabel at sales.americas@nicelabel.com or 1-888-894-6423.


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