Deliver An End-to-End Solution for DSD with Zebra

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From your customer’s point of view, service is the sum total of all your efforts. To grow economies of scale and scope, your first focus should be serving the customers you already have.  Zebra’s technology solutions can help your field operations personnel deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost per interaction, with devices and applications that dynamically connect them to one another, to your supply chain and to your customers, all in real time. Create stronger economies, inside and outside your organization, with service that builds deeper loyalty, upsells offerings and catalyzes growth.

So to get the job done, your workers need rugged, reliable, remote access to real-time data. While personal smartphones, tablets and laptops may be attractive and easy to use, they do not have the durability or functionality necessary for everyday business use. Fortunately for you, Zebra Technologies has the mobile and rugged enterprise products to fit any business need, like the TC55 Mobile Computer and ZQ500 Mobile Printer.

The TC55 is a pocket-sized, all-touch computer that has it all. It capitalizes on the latest technological advancements, aesthetic appeal and usability of popular personal devices. But unlike its consumer-grade counterparts, it has integrated data capture capabilities and is built to withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments, so it’s less likely to fail in the field. Fewer failures mean less downtime, and most importantly, higher productivity and profitability.


Then you have the ZQ500 printer, which is the most rugged mobile printer available on the market! Extreme environments and bangs and bumps are no match for these lightweight, compact printers. They perform in the widest operating temperature range in the industry and can withstand repeated drops to concrete from up to 6.6 feet. Water spray is no match with their IP54 rating. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS® environment, these premium printers are easy to integrate, manage and maintain. With large buttons and a user-friendly interface, they are easy to operate, even when wearing gloves.


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