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ISV Spotlight: Dryrain Technologies

by James Korte

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Dryrain Technologies was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the metropolitan area of Philadelphia. The company’s main objective is to develop engaging, simplistic, and beautiful mobile applications for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Dryrain Technologies started as a consulting company that created mobile solutions for Fortune 500 companies, but has since constructed an array of development tools that allow clients to design their own solutions. At this time, Dryrain Technologies also offers a suite of no-code-needed MFi® integration apps.

Software Solutions

CoverID: CoverID is a self-contained app for bars, nightclubs, and other venues with age restrictions or cover charges upon entry. In addition to enforcing age restrictions and accepting cover charges, CoverID offers detailed and intuitive customer analytics. The app employs simple red, yellow, and green backgrounds behind the patron’s age and name, so it is extremely easy to tell whether the patron meets the establishment’s age requirements. CoverID also accepts all major credit cards, so less time is spent handling, counting, and securing cash transactions. Dryrain Technologies has packed CoverID with a wealth of real-time customer analytics, like male to female ratio, customer age groups, a blacklist, a mailing list generator, and much more.

Enterprise Browsers: Dryrain Technologies offers a variety of Enterprise Browsers to businesses in the AIDC industry looking to work with iOS devices and/or convert legacy Windows Mobile solutions to iOS. Their Enterprise Browser for MFi®, for example, can seamlessly integrate iOS devices with a manufacturer’s MFI® hardware such as the Honeywell Captuvo, Code Corp 4405, Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro, and other scanning sleds. It allows for creating innovative solutions by leveraging the ease of use of Apple® devices and adding the functionality of supported MFi® accessories like scanning sleds, printers, and magnetic stripe readers. With this application, there is no need for dedicated/proprietary software to automate the entry of barcode data into existing apps; Dryrain’s Enterprise Browser can instantly transcribe the barcode or MSR data in the text fields on the web-based app or webpage itself or provide WebApp developers with a complete API giving them full control over the MFi® accessory. This process is the same with Dryrain’s Enterprise Browser for Code CR4405 and Enterprise Browser for Captuvo.

Become a Reseller

Dryrain Technologies has cultivated an extensive ecosystem of authorized reseller partners. At this time, Dryrain Technologies is actively seeking resellers that can provide market or industry expertise at a local, national, or international level. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact Dryrain Technologies at sales@dryraintechnologies.com or 1-844-DRYRAIN.

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