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Three Poisonous B2B Marketing Metaphors

by James Korte

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The presentation below (created by Velocity Parnters) makes some eye-opening points regarding B2B sales and social engagement. The slide deck is titled “Three Poisonous Metaphors in B2B Marketing” and looks at three widely-used business metaphors:

  1. The Sales Funnel
  2. The Purchase Journey
  3. The “Follower”

I was especially impressed by their investigation of the social network-created terms such as “follower,” “fan,” or “friend.”

The explanation is that these people aren’t necessarily your followers because they’ve connected with your brand on Twitter or LinkedIn. You need to put in the work (read: add value to their lives) to earn true followers, fans and friends. Point taken.

There is very little that is passive about enticing prospects and engaging customers in a meaningful way. There aren’t shortcuts, there is simply doing it wrong and doing it right. The payoff is turning your company into a trusted source for consistently providing useful information, entertainment and help.

Three Poisonous B2B Marketing Metaphors from Velocity Partners

Credit: Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners

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