Social Media: Why the Numbers Don't Matter!

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Did you know that 1.28 Billion people use Facebook but only 70 Million use Pinterest? Well, did you know that only 29% of Twitter users follow a brand compared to 58% of Facebook users? But none of that really matters to your business’s social media strategy.

At VARTECH, a trade show for the Point Of Sale and Barcoding industry, James Korte, BlueStar’s MARCOM Manager, and Jim Roddy, President of BSM, discussed using social media for your business. It was a very compelling discussion on the reality of what social media is and what it is not. The biggest take away for many VARTECHers was the reality that social media can be just about anything you want it to be and the statistics will try to push you into areas that probably won’t make sense for your company’s goals. Here is what really matters.

Be in the Conversation

The conversation has already started; your customers are on social media discussing their needs and you probably are missing key insights. Social media is at its best when people are posting great content then others are discussing it and adding to its original value and purpose. As a business person, you need to be there and interact so you can help understand and drive trends in your industry.

Be Genuine and Sincere

Many companies have a presence on social media but it is cold and lacks character. Your customers are on social media because it is a place to interact but if your interactions are robotic and automated then there is no real value. Work hard to be genuine and sincere as you build relationships via these networks.

Be There

The most important thing is to be there. “There” are the networks that your customers are using; this may take some trial and error to learn which networks are most used by your customers. Once you are there, make sure they know you are there by posting on a regular basis and promoting it as part of your branding.

There is a lot of information about social media available that includes statistics, graphs and data that make it seem more complicated than it needs to be. Go ahead and jump in with the intent to work on building relationships with current and potential customers.

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