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Lightning-Fast Scanning Brought to You by Honeywell and BlueStar

by James Korte
Honeywell Lightning Fast

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Put the Honeywell Scanning Pedigree to the Test and Try out their Lightning-Fast Scanners!

Honeywell Lightning Fast
Demo gear is invaluable for business development for resellers. Whether resellers are putting it to the test for an important customer visit to close that big deal, showcasing it at an exciting industry event or utilizing it for the development of key applications with ISVs…it’s essential. BlueStar is consistently equipping resellers with the right gear to develop business when they need it the most.

Resellers (open to both Honeywell and Intermec partners and non-partners alike) that register a scanning opportunity through BlueStar of 20+ units for one of the following models will be seeded with a complimentary Honeywell scanner.

Eligible models:

  1. Granit 1280i/1910i/1911i
  2. Hyperion 1300g
  3. SF61B (includes Healthcare version)
  4. SR61 with EX25 scan engine
  5. Xenon 1900 and 1902

Separate registration process from the Honeywell deal registration program. Must be a new opportunity.

[button size="large" color="red" url="http://www.bluestarinc.com/us-en/lightning-fast-scanners.html"]Register now[/button]

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