Innovative SMD2 Cash Drawer Offers Secure Cash Management for mPOS

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The rise of mobile point of sale has made it easier for retailers and hospitality providers to process payments through mobile applications that can be used on tablets, smart phones, etc. However, even with increased accessibility to mobile payment options, people are still using cash for everyday purchases including food, gas, transportation, personal services like a haircut, etc. How do retailers and hospitality providers manage cash transactions in an mPOS environment?

Star Micronics offers retailer and hospitality providers a secure way to manage cash for mPOS with the SMD2 Cash Drawers. A smarter alternative to traditional cash boxes, cash registers and cash tills, Star’s SMD2 Cash Drawer is equipped with the ability to communicate via standard printer driven interface with included cable or Star’s DK-AirCash wireless communication option for Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 with Android and Windows support or Apple MFi certified Bluetooth with iOS support. Available in three different sizes with black or white color options, Star’s SMD2 cash drawers integrate seamlessly into any retail or hospitality environment to complete a sleek and functional mobile point of sale.


The SMD2 Cash Drawer comes in three sizes:


SMD2-1214 Cash Drawer             12” X 14”

A small cash drawer, Star’s SMD2-1214 Cash Drawer is the most compact cash drawer in its class. Specifically designed for space sensitive situations, the SMD2-1214 Cash Drawer offers the functionality of a full-sized cash drawer combined with a space saving small footprint and communication options necessary in an mPOS retail or hospitality environment. Star’s SMD2-1214 Cash Drawer’s unique design features a vertical facing till which enables faster access to each note and allows for more varieties of notes to be stored within the compact cash drawer. The till contains storage for five varieties of bills and four compartments for coins. A media slot on the front of the cash drawer offers additional storage for large denominations, checks and other media like coupons.


SMD2-1317 Cash Drawer                          13” X 17”

A standard medium-sized cash drawer, Star’s SMD2-1317 Cash Drawer is 13 inches wide by 17 inches long. Star’s reliable SMD2-1317 Cash Drawer has durable all steel construction and comes with a cash till that accommodates four bills and four coins. Available with standard printer driven interface as well as optional wireless Ethernet and Bluetooth communication support for iOS, Android and Windows. Available accessories include optional DK-AirCash wireless communication module, under-counter mounting brackets, extra tills, locking till cover and Y cable wiring.


SMD2-1617 Cash Drawer                          16” X 17”

Star’s SMD2-1617 is full sized cash drawer that offers ample payment storage for high cash volume retail stores, busy restaurants or high traffic hospitality locations. The SMD2-1617 cash drawer combines robust storage capacity needed for high cash volume. Star’s SMD2-1617 cash drawer comes with two media slots and a durable ABS cash till divided for five different bill denominations and five different coins. The width and depth of Star’s SMD2-1617 Cash Drawer offers plenty of storage for bills and notes. The smooth drawer action opens and closes the cash drawer making accessing cash very easy for the cashier, sales person, clerk, etc.


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