Healthcare Providers Warm Up to Thermal Printing Solutions

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Across every healthcare organization, there are dozens of different printing and labeling needs, from patient identification to pharmacy labels, asset management to laboratory support. One option these companies are considering is thermal printing for a variety of uses to improve efficiency and reduce associated costs.

At the admissions desk, accurate patient identification is critical to ensuring patient safety, and thermal printers can print on demand for admissions, patient files, or laboratory results as well as printing patient ID information with 2D or linear barcodes, text and graphics. Fast and easy printing results in smoother admissions processes and improved patient care.

In the pharmacy, thermal printers usually take up less space than larger laser printers, decreasing clutter and helping pharmacy techs work more efficiently. High speed, high-quality thermal printers also require less maintenance and offer support for input from scanners, keyboards or keypads for a total stand-alone pharmacy solution.

Asset management can be challenging for healthcare organizations, given then large amount of assets and departments to track in a given timeframe. Thermal labels can help asset managers track equipment calibration information to ensure accuracy as well as reduce equipment maintenance costs with up-to-date department and service records.

Finally, time and accuracy are of the essence in healthcare laboratory environments. Correct, high-resolution labeling at the point of care can make all the difference. Compact thermal printers take up less space and can even be deployed on a mobile cart when needed, withstanding harsh environments and utilizing a wide array of media.

The right thermal printing solution can help your healthcare customers reduce costs and work efficiently across all these departments and more, and CognitiveTPG offers a complete range of thermal printers to fit any size healthcare organization and fit most budgets. Its C Series, CRx and DLXi printers offer compact footprints and decrease the need for expensive maintenance with no media jamming or curling and less cleaning.

Thermal labels also cost up to 60% less than laser sheets with no toner cartridges to replace and lower overall energy costs–an important benefit to healthcare organizations as budgets tighten and efficiency needs grow. The right printing solutions can also help providers improve overall patient-centered care; the less time they need to spend with printers and labels, the more time they have to spend focusing on their patients’ needs.

BlueStar Healthcare can help you find the perfect thermal printing solutions to meet your healthcare clients needs. For more information on CognitiveTPG thermal printers and other complete solutions, talk to a BlueStar Healthcare Solutions Specialist today.

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