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Cherry’s Biometric Keyboard Ideal for POS and Commercial Applications

by James Korte
Cherry Biometric Keyboards

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Cherry Biometric Keyboards
CHERRY, with their recent reintroduction of their Biometric Keyboard line, is positioned well to compete within the biometric playing field.

By restructuring CHERRY’s SPOS BIO keyboard family they have gained on their competition (Microsoft, Logitech) with regard to cost, value and features.

What makes CHERRY stand out from the pack is the durability and reliability of the complete unit. The SPOS BIO is equipped with one of the highest sought after capacitive area sensors on the market, providing quick and accurate readings. The re-vamped offering includes features such as: a magnetic stripe reader for payment, and a touchpad to reduce clutter on the desk top. The SPOS BIO comes loaded with programmable and relegendable keys.

CHERRY’s SPOS BIO is currently being used in a wide range of verticals, including: Industrial, Medical, Military/Government, Banking and recent growing vertical Retail. Government and Banking agencies are embracing biometric keyboards for logical access because of the constant security of data protection. Additionally, the medical industry is concerned with patient privacy as the HIPPA (Health Information Privacy and Protection Act) sets a priority to protect patient’s personal information.

Let us show you how CHERRY’s SPOS BIO can address all of these concerns.

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