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Incorporate iOS-Friendly Solutions to Expand Your Mobility Product Offering

by James Korte

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As the iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices continue to grow in popularity across the consumer and enterprise markets, technology solutions providers can no longer afford to offer products that do not interface effectively with this now-ubiquitous operating system. Demand for peripherals and accessories that work with iOS devices across many vertical market applications is steadily growing and sees no signs of stopping any time soon. In addition, these devices must also be just as mobile, intuitive and user-friendly as their Apple counterparts.

Solutions that work seamlessly with Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile operating systems have become common across the channel, but the resistance to supporting Apple’s iOS could be an obstacle to realizing real growth across the industry in 2013 and beyond. Fortunately, top technology solutions manufacturers are recognizing this growing demand among consumers and end-users for iOS compatible devices and are introducing solutions to meet that demand.

Star Micronics recently introduced its first-ever mobile printer certified by Apple through its MFi certification program, the SM-S220i. This lightweight, compact mobile printer can pair with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices via Bluetooth in addition to supporting Bluetooth SPP protocol, allowing it to pair with Android and Windows-based devices as well. Retail, hospitality, and payment processing users can utilize this simple hardware solution with a variety of operating systems, allowing for greater flexibility and mobility.

Embracing these new technologies and operating systems is crucial for the channel now and into the future. With the Star SM-S220i and other new solutions designed to work with iOS and other operating systems, resellers can offer a wider array of mobile options to meet more of your customers’ varied needs across vertical markets. Click here to learn more about BlueStar’s Mobility Solutions and other mobile printing solutions from Star Micronics.

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