Using Healthcare Data Capture Solutions to Improve Patient Care

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Fast, accurate data capture is crucial to improving patient care across the complete health and wellness spectrum. Scanners for the healthcare should not only be easy to use, ergonomic and efficient, but they also must meet strict standards for cleaning and disinfectant to aid organizations in the prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). Flexible imagers are needed across a wide array of healthcare applications, from check-in to nurses’ stations to beside care–so how can VARs help their customers decide which scanners are right for their medical organizations?

First, Value-Added Resellers focusing on the Healthcare Solutions should offer scanners that are rugged enough to withstand the intense daily usage that comes with healthcare applications. The device should be able to withstand a number of harsh cleaners and disinfectants, and strong enough to survive bumps and drops.

Flexibility is another major feature focus for healthcare scanners. Organizations want to invest in hardware that will last for years before becoming obsolete: imagers that scan both 1D and 2D barcode symbologies from traditional surfaces as well as LCD monitors, cell phone screens and other mobile devices are going to play a key role in the mobilization of healthcare technology over the next several years. The ability to capture signatures, complete IDs and prescriptions adds another layer of usability across the organization. Handheld and cordless options are another way to meet this need for devices that can go anywhere within the four walls.

Datalogic ADC is pleased to offer a healthcare scanner solution that meets all of these changing industry needs and more in the Gryphon 4400-HC 2D Series, designed specifically for the health industry. In addition to all of the features mentioned above, the Gryphon also offers additional benefits for medical professionals.  The disinfectant-ready surfaces of the device are treated with antimicrobial additives, ready to withstand rigorous daily cleanings. It captures any number of 1D and 2D barcodes as well as other images and is available in either corded or handheld options.

Datalogic’s other patented ADC features make the Gryphon 4400-HC even easier to use and deploy in healthcare administration, laboratories, hospitals, and beyond. The patented Motionex motion-sensing technology syncs the scanner with the user’s actions for seamless transitions between handheld and hands-free usage. The cordless Gryphon 4400-HC automatically goes to handheld mode when in motion, and presentation mode when still. Aladdin configuration software and Remote Host Management provide simple tools to manage deployed devices and keep an entire fleet of scanners synced.

Advanced scanning technology itself can also play a key role in healthcare data capture. The Gryphon 4400-HC series features a four dot aimer for clear indication and quick and easy code targeting, and Datalogic’s exclusive Green Spot technology provides a silent good-read confirmation for quiet environments. All these features and more add up to a device that will help your healthcare clients find the right scanning solution to meet a wide array of data capture needs across the medical industry.

To learn more about the Gryphon 4400-HC 2D series, visit the Datalogic ADC Microsite or contact a BlueStar Solutions Specialist today.

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