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8 Essential Actions to Optimize your Marketing Content Strategy

by Felicia Jordan

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Learn what strategies and trends are used in BlueStar’s marketing and apply them to your business.


At BlueStar we conduct a series of marketing activities to maintain communication and provide more value to our customers. In this article we want to share those strategies that have worked successfully for us. While many of these tips could be considered basic, it is important to keep them in mind every day.


Businessmen Holding a Business CardStart with the following questions: Who is a strategic connection for my business? Who are the people or companies that influence the industry? How could we both gain from the benefits?

“Networking” is key to success in business, that’s why BlueStar organizes various events each year for VARs in order to bring together the best professionals in the technology industry.

  • Participate in events related to your business

• Organize all the business cards you get during these events and then create a database

• Follow up with these new contacts

• If you do not have one, build your professional profile on LinkedIn


The most outstanding value-add at BlueStar is its constant concern to educate the channel on the new solutions and webinar pictureproducts in our industry.

At BlueStar we believe in the effectiveness of our webinars. A webinar is a conference or training that occurs in real time through the web. That’s why since October 2011 BlueStar Latin America has offered over 150 webinars and educated over 3,500 VARs. In addition to the webinars given to our customers every Q2 and Q4 of the year, our sales and marketing teams also receive trainings with the purpose of keeping our employees trained and current on the changes in the industry so that they can provide the best service to our VARs. Take advantage of the training offered from BlueStar as they do not have any cost to you, and it will increase the value of your sales team and productivity of your company.


Sending emails is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate and sell your product, event or promote to a large number of potential customers. The bulk email campaigns must meet certain criteria to achieve a better impact upon the recipient, such as an attractive design, impact title and streamlined content. They should be sent with certain frequency and on certain days and times so that the recipient is open and willing to receive such information. Remember to keep your list up to date and do the necessary follow-up.

  1. MEDIA

If you are able to invest in mass media such as newspapers, magazines and radio in your region do not focus only on one type of media or in one space…. Vary your advertising strategy from time to time.


Posting articles to Twitter, uploading videos to YouTube, posting news on Facebook or maintaining a blog is a great way for customers to interact and know the characteristics of your business, learn about the products you sell, know about your promotions and new product launches, news on your business, to create a essential communication bridge to grow your business. They are all simple and free tools, but very powerful once you learn how to use them. Start using these tools now!


website pictureToday the Internet has become the main tool for companies to advertise, do business and position themselves. We
advise you to have a website so that you are not left out of this very effective medium. Maintaining a website updated with relevant information and well designed will give your business an innovative, successful and reliable look. Furthermore, your business information will be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, providing new opportunities for prospect customers to locate your business.


Be part of your community by helping others and showing your humanity while building a positive image for your company. At BlueStar we conduct several campaigns every year in support of our community. With the help of our employees we collect food for the homeless and toys for underprivileged children.


After any marketing campaign it is important to monitor the results and make the most of the collected data. This should be done continuously so you can check whether the strategies that you are using are actually working.

This is the type of information that can be captured:

• How many people received the email
• How many people opened it
• How many people visited your website

By instructing your sales team to identify the calls or contacts received, you will have an idea of the effectiveness of the campaign, in addition to the ROI from your sales.

Review all marketing campaigns that you make, then check it again and start with another campaign until your experience will make it easy to identify what works for you, your type of business and your type of customer. Remember that marketing is a daily practice that over time will set you apart from your competition and will make you unique.

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