Meeting the Needs of a High-Volume Distribution Center [VIDEO CASE STUDY]

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BlueStar’s partner Barcoding Inc. recently worked with their customer Alban CAT of Baltimore, Maryland to overhaul and upgrade the equipment used in their distribution center warehouse.

Alban CAT’s core business is delivering parts in timely and accurate fashion for their thousands of customers.
The above video outlines how Barcoding Inc was able to come through for their customers utilizing rugged mobile computing and WLAN solutions from Motorola Solutions at BlueStar.

Alban CAT utilizes various Motorola rugged and wearable technologies to deliver 95% accuracy on a daily basis. The case study discusses the process in which they upgraded not only their computer units but also their wireless infrastructure.


Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Core Business: Distribution of Catapillar Parts to their customers
Inventory: ~45,000 SKUs
Parts Locations in Warehouse: ~8,000
Volume: ~2,500 Line Items/day

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