RAIN Alliance an Important Development in RFID Standarization


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is a newly formed RFID alliance under the umbrella of AIM (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) charged with the promotion and global standardization of the UHF GEN2 RFID specification (ISO 18000-63).  RAIN is open to any organization looking to add members. It curently consists of: Google, Intel, Impinj and Smartrac as the founding members. 


According to Dan Miller, RFID Initiative Lead at Bluestar RAIN is chartered with creating UHF RFID as a household name  in same vein as “Wi-Fi”and “Bluetooth”. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud are already here and together they will become the world’s vehicle for doing business.  In just a few short years, millions if not billions of items tagged in some form with UHF RFID.  The formation of RAIN further demonstrates the viability and power of UHF RFID in the manner in which it is now affecting the Retail Omnichannel.

For BlueStar resellers, this means that those VARs already invested in RFID have a huge advantage in any RFID application and those seeking to get into RFID can depend on BlueStar as their RFID distributor for application support in Hardware, Tags, Software and Integration.

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