Exactly What Makes the New CL4NX from SATO so User-Friendly?

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SATO’s first truly UNIVERSAL Industrial Label Printer is engineered for the most demanding printing applications – AND is easy to use! Here are just a few features that make the CL4NX so  user-friendly:

  • PRINT ACCURACY means precise print registration for applications requiring tight imaging tolerances.
  • IMPROVED DARKNESS RANGE provides superior image quality on a myriad of different substrates.
  • LABEL TENSION DAMPER SYSTEM (LTDS) contributes to a controlled back-feed tension for demand label applications, providing proper and consistent label track.
  • HIGH ENERGY MODE allows printing in most any environment and surrounding temperature at higher print speeds with qualified media.

To learn more about the CL4NX Series of Industrial Thermal Printers from SATO, please click here.

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