Keep Information Secure and Prevent Costly Breaches with WLAN Security Solutions

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Wireless connectivity is a necessary and essential component of just about every enterprise today–from professional office buildings to busy warehouse and manufacturing facilities, retail storefronts to government organizations large and small, and more.

As these networks become more common across many markets, they bring a whole new set of security vulnerabilities, infrastructure complexities, and management challenges that need to be addressed for successful deployment. There are three major elements of a successful and secure WLAN system: Security & Compliance, Infrastructure Management, Network Assurance.

Across any WLAN, a strong security posture should be maintained to ensure wireless asset productivity. The network should be able to detect and neutralize rogue devices, enforce policies, prevent intrusion, and ensure regulatory compliance. Ideally, an automated threat mitigation system would assist with real-time risk response.

WLAN security is only as strong as the infrastructure that supports it, however. A holistic network view with centralized configuration, status and fault monitoring, and reporting for multi-vendor WLAN is often necessary. When multiple device models come into play, the infrastructure should be further enhanced to meet these diverse needs.

Once the strength and security of the WLAN has been established, it must be monitored accordingly. A real-time view of network traffic allows IT administration to identify and respond to issues. This proactive network monitoring and remote troubleshooting can lead to faster IT management with less cost.

Motorola‘s AirDefense Services Platform meets these three critical WLAN security needs and more with a complete suite of WLAN security and management tools. With AirDefense, your customers can monitor their networks 24/7, satisfy regulatory requirements, simplify network management and remotely troubleshoot–all in one complete wireless solution.

For Security & Compliance needs, AirDefense prevents breaches and lost productivity with Wireless IPS, Wireless Vulnerability Assessment and Advanced Forensics. Centralized Infrastructure Management eliminates the need for multiple management systems while monitoring multiple device types simultaneously. Proactively optimize WLAN performance and troubleshoot remotely with AP Testing, Spectrum Analysis and LiveRF.

AirDefense is just part of the complete line of Motorola WLAN Solutions offering real indoor/outdoor network coverage with unmatched reliability and dependable, secure access to the wireless data, voice and video needed to keep today’s businesses moving forward. For more information about AirDefense and other security applications for Motorola WLAN products, talk to a BlueStar Motorola Solutions Specialist today.

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